Life at Wigton Methodist Church is structured around three key areas:


        Knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour,

        Growing deeper as disciples of Christ and

        Going into the world to share the Love of God.


To know Jesus is all about the basics of our relationship with God in Christ. It is about expressing our love in praise (opening our hearts in worship of God), prayer (talking to God about the good and the bad of life) and in the power of the Holy Spirit (knowing God actively at work in our hearts and lives).

As we grow as disciples we focus on deepening that relationship with Christ. At Wigton Methodist Church we do that through our study of scripture (an essential way to hear the word of God relevant to us), through fellowship in small groups (our class groups remind us that God created us for relationship), and through the surrender of our lives in whole life discipleship of Christ (allowing God in to every bit of our lives so that he can live in and through us).

Finally we are called to go out in to the world around so that others can know that same relationship with Jesus. We believe that the best ways to fulfil our calling are found in caring for others (actually manifesting the love of Christ to people in the way we treat them), sharing the good news of the Gospel (telling others the Gospel story so that they can start their own journey with Christ), and by daring to live and love as Christ did (remembering that sometimes we are called to step out of the boat and trust Jesus).

And we do all of this because God loved us so much that Christ came to die for us, defeat death for us and offer us a life in eternity with him.