Small groups are central to the life of our Church. The Classes and Bands of early Methodism were one of the real strengths of the church at that time and indeed some of the fastest growing churches this century are built on the very similar “cell church” model.  Cell churches still meet in a large group for worship and teaching yet it is in the cell that all the elements of being church come together.

In these home groups closer friendships are nurtured, support is offered and accountability fostered as well as engaging with God through worship, scripture and prayer. Our home groups are also missional by nature, both empowering people for mission in their daily lives as well as seeking some form of outreach as a group.

Everyone at Wigton Methodist Church is a member of a small group and we encourage as many people as possible to meet in their home group and in a prayer triplet. Our active groups meet on the following days (contact details provided):

Tuesday*     2:00pm       Peter – 016973 61495  (*fortnightly)

Tuesday      7:30pm      Alan – 016973 42454

Wednesday 7:30pm      David – 016973 43351

Wednesday*7:30pm     Maureen – 016973 45837 (*fortnightly)

Thursday     7:30pm      Phil – 016973 42468

We encourage all within the church to meet in their home group to deepen our relationship with God and one another. If you are interested in joining a group then please contact one of the names provided.