The following paragraph is the original introduction to this page and highlights the thinking that lies behind Cornerstone Methodist Church. It is not just about “being church” into our own little silos, our own communities, it is about being together.

“Worship, life, ministry, God, Church (and so much more) all happen beyond the four walls of our church building. For too long the church (locally and generally) has been too good at concentrating on what happens inside our building rather than getting out there – where God is. Wigton Methodist church is passionate that the work of God is happening all over and not just in our church on a Sunday morning and for some years now we have sought to have an outward focus.”

For this reason our Wigton chapel had a mission and ministry in two of our other communities, Abbeytown and Silloth. For CMC, this mission is now extended in to all five of the communities that we serve.